Battle of Cook's Mills

This battle also known as the skirmish at Lyons Creek was the last battle fought on Canadian soil on or about October 20th 1814.

American General Izard, commanding a force of 8000 men, moved up to Chippawa. There, the British General Drummond had established a defensive position complete with new field defences. The Americans attempted to outflank the British, but Drummond responded quickly. On or about October 20th, at a place called Cook's Mills, a British force of 750 men engaged 1400 Americans. The British had congrieve rockets and one cannon and these proved effective in balancing the numbers.

General Bissel was in command of the American brigade consisting of detachments of the 5th, 14th, 15th and 16th U.S. infantries. Commanding the British force was Colonel Christopher Myers. His men consisted of detachments of the 82nd, 100th and Glengary regiments. The British lost 19 men killed or wounded and the American losses were acknowledge to be 67 men, apart from the fact that 200 bushes of wheat and flour were destroyed by the American brigade nothing else resulted from this sharp skirmish as very soon circumstances compelled the Americans to exchange their advance for a somewhat inglorious retreat.

Both commanding officers filed reports claiming victory.

As these circumstances had the same effect on Commordore Chuncey's motions, it is important to tell you that the British had been working very hard to complete their large ship the "St. Lawrence" and this vessel with her hundred guns had been launched on the 2nd of October. The launch of this ship was a signal for Commodore Chauncey to retire from the lake to Sacket's Harbour.

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