General Gordon Drummond


Gordon Drummond was born in Quebec City in 1771. His introduction to military life began in his youth as his father Colin Drummond was Paymaster General for the British forces in Lower Canada .

At the age of 17 Drummond inlisted in the British army, and by 1794 had become a lieutenant-colonel of the 8th Regiment and served in Holland, Egypt and the West Indies. From 1808 to 1811 he served as a colonel's chief-of-staff before being summoned back to England.

In 1813, Drummond returned to British North America as administrator of Upper Canada, a postion that placed him directly under Sir George Prevost Governor General of the Canada's

The winter campaign of 1813-1814 that Drummond headed resulted in the recovery of much of the Niagara Peninsula. When the Americans attacked in July of 1814, Drummond was able to hold them back with what forces he had available to him. When the Battle of Lundys Lane started Drummond had just crossed to Fort George from York (Modern day Toronto) and was on his way to the battle site. He arrived to take command just before General Riall was wounded and captured.

Drummond later succeeded Prevost as Commander-in-Chief and general administrator of the Canadas in 1815. Upon returning to London England in 1816 he was awarded the title of General and knighted for his services in British North America.

Drummond took his retirement in 1826 and died October 10th 1854 in England.

CLICK HERE to see the sculpture of General Drummond in the Lundy's Lane cemetary in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada.