Battle of Lacolle Mills

In an effort to redeem himself to his superiors for his loss at the Battle of Chrysler's Farm, American Major-General Wilkinson planned another invasion of Canada.

Wilkinson had 4,000 men with him when he crossed into Canada on March 30th 1814 their objective was a small outpost at Lacolle Mills.

Lacolle Mills had a stone mill and a wooden blockhouse and was defended by a company of the 13th Regiment of Foot numbering 80 or so men in all. The company was reinforced by the 13th Regiments Grenadier and Light companies from Isle aux Noix.

The Americans arrived and set up their artillery which consisted of a 12 pounder gun and a 5 and a half inch mortar. They opened fire and tried to dislodge members of the 13th Regiment who were in the stone mill, the 13th responded to the bombardment with congreve rockets on the American positions.

Major Hancock the British commander decided the American guns had to be attacked, he sent the flank companies of the 13th Regiment but they were stopped by American Infantry support around the artillery.

The British forces maintained fire on the American positions. By now a company of Canadian Voltiguers and a company of Canadian Fencibles were ordered in to reinforce the British Commander.

The Canadian Fencibles attacked the American gun postions but the American Infantry again halted their attack.

The American bombardment had very little effect in breaching the stone walls of the mill, and with British and Canadian reinforcements who were now backed up by Royal Navy Guns the American Commander withdrew to the American side of the border.

In the end the Americans had 154 men killed, wounded or missing and the British had 61 men killed, wounded or missing.