The Battle of Chippawa

July 5th 1814

On the evening of July the 4th the Americans were camped at Streets Creek two miles south of Chippawa. These troops lead by General Winfield Scott were joined by General Jacob Brown and his troops as well as some Indians fighting on the side of the Americans. This brought the American Forces to about 6000 men.

United States General Winfield Scott's troops had not yet been tested in Battle, although they were the best trained unit in the American Army. And the soldiers wore grey uniforms because there was a shortage of the traditional blue army cloth.

British General Riall incorrectly assumed that the American force was composed of Militia and not battle trained troops.

Riall ordered a head long assault thinking that the Americans would break and run. The Americans held their line and with fierce fighting the British attack was repulsed. It was over quickly, the British lost 415 killed, wounded or missing. And the Americans lost 328 killed, wounded or missing.

Riall and his remaining forces retreated across the Chippawa creek where they dug in awaiting an American attempt to cross the creek.

The British were entrenched on the north side of the Chippawa Creek around Fort Chippawa, now this was a difficult position to attack, by traveling a little used logging road the Americans out flanked the British forces on the north side of the creek, bridging the creek two miles down river at it's junction with Lyon's creek.

The Americans had crossed the creek in great numbers surprising the British who hurredly withdrew to Burlington, leaving the whole of the Niagara Frontier from Fort Erie to Queenston in American control.

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The Battle of Chippawa

By Donald E. Graves

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