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Brigadier General Winfield Scott

U.S. Army (1786-1866)

Winfield Scott was born on June 13, 1786, in Petersburg, Virginia. He became an Army officer and first saw action in the War of 1812. Twenty-eight years old, six feet, five inches tall, with a stern visage, deep chest and booming voice, Scott looked the "Perfect God of War"

He was a professional soldier who provided the intensive training that made Brown's Left Division a potent fighting force.

He was to remain in active service until 1861 and dominated the nineteenth- century American army. He died May 29, 1866.


Runcies Company of Coloured Men was formed during the War of 1812. It was led by Captain Runcie, a white officer. He recruited run away black slaves. These men had the most to loose, if the Americans succeeded in taking Canada. They were a credit to the Militia of Upper Canada. They fought bravely, and without care for themselves. They were commended as a unit, for their valour, at the Battle of Queenstown Heights. One of the objectives of the Niagara Occupation was to shut down the Underground Railroad, that helped escaped slaves into British territory. In that same battle, Winfield Scott was taken prisoner. Scott would eventually lead the Union army against the Confederacy, to help free black slaves, who he had once tried to re-capture.