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1812 Marine Brigade

Brooks' Detachment of U.S. Marines is looking for a few men to repel the British

Brief History of the Detachment

Lt. Brooks Jr. left Washington D.C. in April 1813, with a small detachment of U.S. Marines. He was carrying orders to recruit men along the way, adding to his detachment of twelve men. Brooks found Army volunteers to fill his force and commanded the detachment from the U.S.S. Lawerence. during the Battle of Lake Erie, Lt. Brooks and four other Marines were killed. Twelve men of the 34 man detachment were wounded. Lt. Brooks was buried on the shore of Put-in-Bay, later to be moved to a resting place under the monument. He was posthumously awarded a silver medal by Congress.

Marine Detachments were present at the following battles.

Battle of Lake Erie

Capture of Fort York

Capture of Fort George

Defense of Sackets Harbor

Engagement at Machinac Island

Defense of Fort McHenry

Battle of New Orleans

Description of 1812 Marine Uniform

SHAKO - A heavy felt hat with a height of 7 inches. A brass Marine plate on the front and a yellow cord. A red plume is mounted on the top.

COAT - The coat is cut from the Marine pattern of 1804 in dark wool. The collar, cuffs and lining are made with red wool. The yellow braid forms the distinctive pattern on the front and is also present in a vee pattern along the sides and on the cuffs.

Brooks Detachment is recruiting

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