General Order

Head Quarters, Kingston

Adjudent General's Office, 3rd Sept. 1813

His Excellency the Commander of the Forces has received a dispatch from Major-General Proctor, reporting the circumstances of an attack, made by a small portion of regular troops and a body of Indian warriors, on the 2d of August, on the American fort of Lower Sandusky, which owing to the strength of the enemy's works, which resisted the fire of the light field guns brought against it - so that a practicable breach could not be effected - as also from the want of sufficient co-operation on the part of the Indian warriors, unused to that mode of warfare, the assault was not attended with that brilliant success which has so uniformly signalized the gallant excertions of the right division.

The Major-General extols the intrepid bravery displayed by the detachment under Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Short, in endeavoring to force a passage into the enemy's fort, and laments the loss of the brave soldiers who have fallen in this gallant although unsucessful assault.

Return of killed and wounded.

One catain, one lieutenant, one sergeant, one drummer, twenty-one rank and file killed.

One sergeant and twenty-eight rank and file missing.

Two captains, one lieutenant, two sergeants, one drummer, thirty-five rank and file wounded.

Killed - Brevet Lieut.-Col. Short, Lieut. Gordon, 41st regiment, Lieut. Laussaussiege, Indian Department.

Wounded - Capt. Dixon, Royal Engineers, Capt. Muir and Lieut. Macintyre, 41st regiment, all slightly.

By his Excellency's command.

Edward Bayne, Adjutant General.