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Historical 1814 March Recreated

British and Canadian Advance to Fort Erie

Soldiers came to the defence of the Niagara Frontier again Saturday July 25th and 26th 1998. But unlike their 1812-era role models, the approximately 42 military re-enactors marching from Niagara Falls to Fort Erie were not opposed by American forces.

The re-enactors marched as part of the commemoration of the Battle of Lundy's Lane

Before the march a Memorial Service was held at the Lundy's Lane Cemetery, Sgt Jessie Pudwell of the Glengarry Light Infantry officiated the service.

The march did more than commemorate one of the most violent episodes in the War of 1812, which took place 184 years ago on this date.

These re-enactors donned their wool uniforms, reproduced to match those of the era, to get a peek into the past.

They made their first stop at The Battle of Chippawa Monument and then marched up to the Willoughby Historical Museum

There was one other rest stop later in the early evening at the Christian College before the troops reach their Camp for the night.

Early the next morning the men broke camp and pushed on towards Fort Erie reaching the Historic Fort in the afternoon. The men then had a spectacular battle as they attacked the fort bringing to a close this gruelling re-enactment.

Congratulations to all the re-enactors who took part in this historic march for a job well done!