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Re-enactment at Fort George

Fort George was once again the scene of battle, much like it was in the year 1813. Reenactors from both the United States and Canada filled the battlefield with smoke from muskets and cannon fire. Saturday the tourists that gathered to view the reenactments saw the Americans attack the fort twice, after the second night battle the Stars and Stripes was raised over Fort George. Sunday afternoon saw the British and Canadian forces recapture the historic fort and lower the American flag then raising the Union Jack bringing a loud cheer from the Canadians in the audience.

The audience cheered again when the native reenactors joined in the battle. Another job WELL DONE by the 1812 reenactors.

Inside the fort the tourists could see the camps of both the U.S. troops and the British & Canadians.

The scenarios of the three battles Fort George put on this weekend were loosely based on the Battle of Fort George in 1813.