The Capture of Fort Erie, July 1814

General Brown's orders for the invasion of Canada were read out loud to the Left Division at evening role call on 2 July 1814. During the day, accompanied byGeneral Winfield Scott, Brigadier General Porter and two of his engineer officers, Lieutenant Colonel William McRee and Major Eleazar D. Wood, the American commander had reconnoitred the Canadian shore of the river and devised a plan for a landing operation. On July 3rd 1814 the American forces numbering 4,500 men under General Jacob Brown crossed the Niagara River at Black Rock. They pushed south towards the fort, attacked the British pickets and took up position at Snake Hill. Brown demanded the surrender of Fort Erie, allowing two hours for consideration. The Fort under the command of Major Buck of the King's 8th Regiment surrendered shortly afterward and at 6:00 p.m. on July 3rd, the British soldiers almost 200 in number, marched out, stacked their arms and became prisonors of war to be transported to the American side.

One part of Buck's command that escaped was a small detatchment of the 19th Light Dragoons posted at the fort. As soon as word of the American crossing had reached the night before, Buck had dispatched them to warn General Riall.