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Plaque for the Battle of Crysler's Farm

The plaque reads ...

The Battle of Crysler's Farm

In November of 1813 an American army of some 8000 men commanded by Major-General James Wilkinson moved down the St. Lawrence en route to Montreal. Wilkinson was followed and harassed by a British Corps of Observation consisting of about 800 regulars, militia and Indians commanded by Lieut-Col Joseph Morrison. On November 11 Morrison's force established in a defensive position on John Crysler's Farm was attacked by a contingent of the American army consisting of about 4000 men commanded by Brigadier-General J.P. Boyd. The hard fought engagement ended with the Americans withdrawl from the battlefield. This reverse combined with the defeat of another invading army at Chateuugauy on October 26 saved Canada from conquest in 1813