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Commemoration Service at Chippawa Battlefield

July 5th 2001, 187 years after the Battle of Chippawa, the Niagara Parks Commission unveiled the design for a six metre stone cairn to honour all the soldiers British, Canadian, American and Native who fought in the battle. Recognizing the battlefield with the monument brings the Chippawa battlefield to the same status as the two other War of 1812 battlefields in Niagara.

Last year, the parks commission built a walking tour that included a pathway and signs describing the battle's events.

Parks Commission Chairman Brian Merrett said "This is an important project. We want to do this right." Parks Commission historian Sherman Zavitz described the way it must have been on the hot July 5th day 187 years ago, and a minute of silence followed. Later guided tours were given by re-enactors in period dress.

CLICK HERE to see the new monument for the Battle of Chippawa.