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U.S. Colours captured by the British at the Battle of Bladensburg

Harford Light Dragoons, displays an eagle on a blue ground with scrolls inscribed 'E PLURIBUS UNUM.' and 'TOUCH ME NOT. This unit has been provisionally identified as being Captain William D. Lee's Company of Light Dragoons of Harford, Maryland. This was a volunteer militia unit belonging to Lt-Col John Streets, the 7th Regiment of Cavalry, Maryland.

The other Regimental colour of the James City Light Infantry is off white with an eagle carrying thunderbolts in one claw and a sprig of leaves in the other, and charged with the star and stripes on a shield, while a scroll issuing from the beak is also inscribed 'E PLURIBUS UNUM.' On the reverse red stripes, cap of 'LIBERTY' and 'VIRGINIA' on a blue ribbon.

Thanks to Anthony Wickson of Great Britain for the photos