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War Hawks

John Caldwell Calhoun

John Caldwell Calhoun (born 1782, died 1850). This great statesman, champion of southern rights and opinions, was born in Abbeville district, South Carolina. His ancestors on both sides were Irish Presbyterians. In youth he was very studious, and made the best use of such opportunities for education as the frontier settlement afforded. He graduated at Yale College in 1804, and studied law at Litchfield, Connecticut. In 1808, he was elected to the legislature of South Carolina; and, three years later, he was chosen to the national House of Representatives. During the six lyears that he remained in the House,l he took an active and prominent part in tht stirring events of the time. In 1817 he was appointed secretary of warl, and held the office seven years. From 1825 to 1832 he was Vice-President of the United States. He then resigned this office, and took his seat as senator from South Carolina. In 1844 President Tyler called him to his cabinet as secretary of state; and in 1845 he returned to the Senate, where he remained till his death.