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Capitulation of Colonel Boerstler and his Troops

Below are the terms of surrender between Captain McDowell, on the part of Lieutenant-Colonel Boerstler of the United States Army, and Major DeHaren of His Brittanic Majesty's Canadian regiment, commanding the advance of the British, respecting the force under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Boerstler ....

Article One: That Lieutenant-Colonel Boerstler and the force under his command shall surrender prisoners of war.

Article Two: That the officers shall retain their arms, horses and baggage.

Article Three: That the non-commissioned officers and soldiers shall lay down their arms at the head of the British column, and shall become prisoners of war.

Article Four: That the militia and volunteers with Lieutenant-Colonel Boerstler shall be permitted to return to the United States on parole.

Andrew McDowell,

Captain of the United States Light Artillery.

Acceded to and signed. C.G. Boerstler,

Lieutenant-Colonel commanding detachment United States Army.

P.V. DeHaren,

Major Canadian Regiment.