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The Battle of Lake Champlain

After building up troops, George Prevost the Governor-General of Canada devised a plan to march down the west side of Lake Champlain to attack Plattsburh. He had hopes of occupying some territory to give his government a bargaining chip in the peace negotiations.

The British squadron lead by Downie was building up on the other side of the lake preparing for battle. Macdonough had anchored his fleet near Cumberland Head in Plattsburgh Bay to await Downie's attack. At 8:00 a.m. on September 11th Downie rounded Cumberland Head and engaged Macdonough's fleet.

Each side lost a ship early in the battle. Downie was killed instantly when a carriage from a cannon fell and hit him. Downie was defeated and Macdonough was given many rewards from Congress.

After 3 years of campaigning the American - Canadian border disputes were still at a stalemate.