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Aftermath at Queenston

As the day ended, the British confined their prisoners and took care of their wounded. John Glegg rushed to the home where he had placed General Isaac Brock's body to find it was not disturbed. Brock and the other dead British were transported to Niagara. John MacDonell was carried to the government house in extreme pain, and died shortly after midnight. The surrender of the Americans allowed the British to seize an iron six pounder field gun, it's limber an ammunition wagon and accoutrements. Officially 435 french pattern muskets and 385 bayonets and almost 6000 musket cartridges were collected. In addition to their weapons, the Americans also gave up a stand of colors, or regimental flag, of one of the militia regiments. After a winter of reorganizing, the Americans renewed their attack on Upper Canada in 1813. They captured Fort George in May.